Contest Rules

Please read the eligibility criteria and rules before submitting your story to the #BecauseWeWill campaign.

  1. Submissions - All stories, written or recorded, must be submitted using the online form. They must also be posted to social media on a public profile (i.e., Instagram, TikTok, Twitter), using the hashtag #BecauseWeWill. Submissions on private accounts cannot be considered. Please do not email entries. We strongly encourage stories to be submitted in the form of videos.
  2. Start date - The #BecauseWeWill campaign will begin accepting national submissions on October 14, 2021.
  3. Length - Video submissions must be 1-3 minutes in length. Written submissions must be 600-800 words in length.
  4. Eligibility - The contest is open to any high school senior, college/university/trade school student, or active learner. As of now, you must be 18 years of age or older to enter. We highly encourage nontraditional and adult learners to submit their stories as well.
  5. Language - Both written and video submissions may be submitted in either English or Spanish. All Spanish entries will also be translated to English for publishing on the website.
  6. Original work - The ideas, content, structure, and style of the written or video story must be original and your own unique work. Each participant can submit as many stories as they would like, but all stories must be original.
  7. Preparing documents for submission - Please use the following guidelines when titling the submission. File name should be structured as "LastNameFirstInitial_032021." For example, Sam Sample would name her submission "SampleS_032021.”
  8. Winners - A panel of judges will review story entries each month to select winners. Winning stories will be featured on our website and will be awarded $1,000.
  9. Evaluation Criteria - Each submission is evaluated by at least three judges using the following criteria:
    - The submission effectively tells a story of perseverance and/or triumph.
    - The story’s main message and lessons learned are clear throughout the story.
    - The entrant shares insights or advice applicable to other learners.
    - The entrant finds personal and authentic ways to convey their ideas and perspective.
    - The story is organized and well-structured.
    - Video submissions are clear and ready for amplification.
  10. Release Form - All submissions must include a release form, which is signed by the entrant to allow promotional use of stories. This use may include, but is not limited to, the #BecauseWeWill website, social media, and promotional materials.