Choosing The Right Career

Growing up, as a child we all have that one dream job. Either it's being an astronaut, a doctor, a firefighter or a cook. What we do not realize as children is the fact that we are basing what we want to be by seeing something we enjoy to see. Maybe it’s something a child watches on T.V, or someone they admire watching out in public. Just the other day I heard my six-year-old niece, Charlotte, say she wanted to be a scientist when she grows up. She may say she wants to be a scientist; however, she only knows the small things about them. Children can look at a scientist and want to be one because of the long white lab coat, the flask bottles that have the different colors, or just the experiments that are made by them. It is just the same as saying a child wants to be a cop because they have handcuffs or they wear really nice uniforms. As we get older we come to realize all of those dreams weren’t reality, but only thoughts based on what the occupation let you have in that area. Then as life moves on, you realize that being a cop is more than having hand-cuffs or a badge, it’s how you handle the hand-cuffs and how you handle your job. Lives are put on the line if certain professions aren’t handled carefully. 

At a certain age we begin to really think about what we truly want to be -- you begin watching others more deeply and understanding their positions. Then there is the point in life where you have choices you’ve laid out and sometimes can be difficult to decide. As a child I wanted to be a teacher but once I reached middle school I started to change my choices. In 8th grade my school had high schoolers come in and we would walk around watching students perform certain activities from classes they’ve taken. One section really caught my attention, which was the CPR demonstration. I admired the way the students handled their work and being able to experience it for ourselves. Throughout my high school career I took medical classes every year, I worked hard for my grades -- even though It could be stressful at times. I always looked up to students who made higher grades and sometimes a lot easier than I could. I began to really put myself down and started doubting if I could even get through some of my medical classes. But I still continued through and pushed myself. I finished my work always on time and never gave up on myself. I have also always inspired others to do the same for themselves. I have always reminded myself, “Sometimes things can seem to be so difficult, but if you believe in yourself and you work really hard you will achieve.”

I recently finished high school a lot earlier and I have already applied for college and have been accepted into Nashville State. I started to look at medical degrees and instantly chose it. My mistake was not looking into other choices before going and claiming the degree I’d like. A couple days earlier, I began really thinking about my decision and realized I had gone on the wrong path of choosing what I did. You should never choose what you want to be based upon what you saw, but to look at something you are truly passionate about. I now realize that when you choose a path you need to choose you, not what others may want -- but what you want. I am now changing my major to a teacher. At the age of nine-years-old my parents started a daycare business. I grew up loving kids and always interacting with them. I have always been passionate about kids and have had a lot of experience with emotional and physical health. I wanted to have a job that I would love and be able to inspire others with, to be with kids and helping them. If someone was to ask you, what is your purpose in life, what would you say. Would it be to help others by saving lives, to teach children and be a light in their life, or to be a firefighter risking your life for others? Finding a career can be truly difficult, but whenever you hear your calling you’ll know. Fight for what you believe in, be you and find something that you will love and work hard for -- something that defines you.