Today I’ll be talking to you all about WHY I wanted to go to college. First, I want start off by saying I am a very proud black young lady and I’ve accomplished so much for me to be where I am right now. It was so hard for me my 9th grade year through 12th. I started off my first 3 years at Hillsboro High School, and my 9th grade year was actually good for me because it was still most of the same things, I had learned my 8th grade year in middle school so I was fine with it. After my 9th grade year, I had gone on to the 10th grade and that’s when I started to take upper sciences as (chemistry, biology, and physics) so school had kicked in and it started off smooth and swelling. After a semester in my 10th grade year, it was starting to get a little difficult for me but as much it was things, I understood just not right away like everyone else. Then there was my 11th grade year my last year at Hillsboro High School. My 11th grade year was so fun with my friends and we were hype every day in school so I had a wonderful 11th grade year. Although my classes were harder and I had more work to deal with than usual and I had to focus more. But overall, my 11th grade year was everything great experience! So, after my 11th grade year I had to go to Gallatin High School because my mother was tired of driving me back and forth to Hillsboro High School and yes, I had an attitude and was angry but whatever my mother says goes so I suck it up and went on about my day so I had grown from that and became very isolated with myself and had no friends afterwards. We had moved to Gallatin in 2018 July 1st so 

I was still attending Hillsboro High School my 11th grade year. So, my 12th grade year at Gallatin High School was short because I had a wonderful opportunity to graduate early so that’s what I did. And so, my 12th grade year had begun and I wasn’t really feeling it but the only thing that was going through my head was’’ you're about to graduate’’, ‘’ it's going to be okay’, ‘’ you got this’’ so that's what it was for me during the time then. Finally, December had gotten here and I was the happiest person alive because it was really a dream had come true to me. So, the 16th was my BIG DAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! And I was EXTREMELY ready to walk across that stage. I cried and laughed at the same time and couldn’t stop smiling for nothing in the world. I took a picture with my principal with my diploma in my hand and walked back to my seat like a superstar. 

Then there it was Angel King had graduated from Gallatin High School. I’ve learned a lot and experienced a lot all 12 years. So, I was then even prouder of myself because I was really going to college and the first in my family at that so it hit me more differently in a kind of way. So, I had begun my freshman year in college at Volunteer State Community College and it wasn’t too bad I could say but it was complicated and out the ordinary for the things I had to do in all of my classes. I wasn’t familiar with a lot of my work I had to do. Then that’s when stress started to come and my anxiety gotten worse and I thought I was about to lose it but thank GOD I didn’t so I prayed and just take it day by day, I had to learn how to cope with certain situations and not have tantrums about everything I can’t do or don’t know how to do it. I, started going through stress right after my first 2 months in. After my break downs and me learning how to control my frustration it was easier for me for a little bit, I was still getting over it at the time but I lived. So now I’m in my spring semester and it’s a little rocky right now but I’m going to get through it I got this I just have to keep pushing myself and try to maintain my work ethics at the same time as well.  

Now, I would like to discuss with you about the journey you can learn from others. School is an experience and it’s very FUN when you actually make it out of something and work together with your classmates or whoever's around and make the best of it while you can. AND to all my young beautiful/handsome teenagers that are becoming young grown women I would like to say express your feelings and dreams be who you really are and want to be. Also do know not to give up on yourself because your more than what you think you are and your capable of doing anything you put your mind too.

 It’s ok to not know what you want to do in life at an early age because you have to actually go through the process and experience it first and then within the time doing so you might have some thoughts in mind that you want to do. You can get a long way by just attending class, for starters for those it’s harder for to get out the bed or whatever the situation may be. I want you all to take this like a friend coming to another friend it’s always good to express your feelings and be you because we're all in this TOGETHER!! I hope my story inspired you all to have that STRONG young lady and men mentality and go for anything you put your mind to. Don’t ever be afraid to go with your goals in life you never know what GOD has in stored for you and your future.