Hey there my name is Jackilene Harris and I chose to tell you about why I choose to go to college . All my life I have always heard parents say they  want their children to be better than them and to do better, but the most important thing That was told was that education is what will get you out of your situation. All my life school has always been my safe space the place I wanted to be, the place I went to, to get away from my problems. I loved school so much my mom would use it as a punishment for me “ Jackie you're not going to school today.” When I was I was younger my mom was a single parent for a while, but when I turned ten years old my mom met a guy. He was nice but I didn’t know him and like every child I was protective of my mom and naturally didn’t like him, my mom was changing and had a lot on her play so I was helping her take care of three autistic siblings. Between my siblings and my step dad at the time I was always stressed out and needed a space that I could run to so I could escape my problems, I’ve never been one to face my problems face to face. When I got taken away from my mom I was very dubious with everything I lost focus.

Luckily I knew someone that could take me and my sisters in and it helped me catch myself to stay on the path to success. When January, 19, 2020 hit, that ruined everything. I decided my sisters need to go to a more stable home where they would learned more of their needs like my little brother but I didn’t realize that I would have a problem with it. Once they were removed from the house life literally fell to my knees. I pretty much wrapped my whole life around my siblings and never took the advice that my friends and family even my therapist told me on to consideration.” Jackie what will you do when they're not there?” Now that it has happened I can tell you l’ll be depressed, I’ll feel lonely and I would feel like I am the worst sister they have ever had. Even though what I did was right. My grades dropped exceedingly but  I’ve always kept in my head that I can’t help them if I can’t help myself, another thing I have been told. I’m a senior now at Hillsboro high school and I never thought that I would be at this point in my life. The point where I can learn and pursue the dreams I’ve had. Life isn’t easy but one thing I learned was that education helped me through a lot. From family problems to prevention of recurrent history to problem solving to self confidence. I look forward to starting my years of college.