My name is Jasmine Crane & this hasn’t always been good times for me. I’ve had bad times before I even got into college simply because I thought I wasn't going to survive a fatal car accident. I was unable to walk for the whole summer of 2018. I battled through depression.

Imagine being told you will never walk again while laying in the hospital bed with stitches in your head & a fractured pelvic bone full of meds barely understanding what is going on. That’s pain that no one should want to experience ever in life especially when it’s about to be your senior year of high school before you are about to even get a chance to start your career. You have nobody by her side but your parents and god because the person that you thought was your favorite person wants you to lie about an accident that she doesn’t even remember because she was knocked unconscious from the hard impact of the car. That was not how I wanted to spend my summer thinking about would i live or die because my cousin made a wrong turn on the freeway almost.

Getting x rays & meds to ease the pain that will only help for a little while until I wake back up and feel the pain all over again. Crying myself to sleep every night because after a while the meds weren't working anymore it was just pain and uncomfortable pain that couldn’t be controlled anymore. Praying to god that everything will be okay and that my parents have the strength to be by my side during this difficult time and to keep a smile on my face. My parents took off for work and was with me from sunup to sun down. They knew I was in pain and it wasn’t anything they could do but they were glad I was alive because when they got that phone call they came in a hurry just to see me only getting stitches and not a white sheet over my body or telling them that they have to sign a death certificate for me. I was only in the hospital for a couple days until I was able to go back home. I'm tired of sleeping on my back, especially in that hard hospital bed.

I never really liked hospitals anyway. I was so happy when the doctors said I could go home but the only thing was everywhere I went I had to have a walker with me & I couldn't put pressure on my leg. My feet were also swollen because I couldn't really have those on the floor either. I had to sleep on the couch for almost two whole months, almost three. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t do anything on my own, I couldn’t do my hair, I couldn’t go to work, and a lot of more things I loved to do for myself.

I had changed from the person that i was into to a person I didn’t even recognize. I was always angry and upset. I wanted to even take my own life, but I knew I would cause even more pain to the people that love me the most. I then began to do physical therapy at home with my daddy. We would do it everyday and that helped a lot because that helped the pain a little bit. I then was able to do it on my own because my dad asked if I could at least try, I said I can’t but then I did it and he had the biggest face ever. That made me smile too because I had accomplished something that I thought I couldn’t. My mom was there also you know, always being the nurturing mother she was that was full of life.

She went out of town and my grandma and sisters were still there with me but I started walking when she was gone. She was so mad. I simply got up, moved my own legs from the couch, got on my walker & scooted myself onto the steps and was able to get in the tub, put my clothes on by myself, brush my teeth, and etc. When I told her that she was happy and shocked because i wasn’t supposed to start walking on my own just yet. She would always say I can’t wait till you start back walking so I can race you and see if that leg works back properly. I would always laugh and say I’m going to win anyway. We would still go out while i was on the walker and we would just laugh to make me feel better and see the bigger picture because it could have been worse even though it was but not that bad.I ended up going to the doctor for my check up and he was shocked because he knew I would walk on my own anyway and not wait any longer.

I saw people there that were in my same situation & had walkers and boot cases on both legs with crutches. I said wow i am beyond blessed. I only had stitches in my forehead & a walker no bad bruises or scratches on my face at all. I thanked God for that & I felt that I was a  living testimony. The Car Was Caved in my side which was the passenger side of the car. I then went back to school managed to go to prom, class day, & graduation it was so emotionally because i had overcame so much that summer & still walked across that stage with my head held high that changed me alot because now i smile more and worry less because Jekalyn Carr Once Said he’s preparing you for greater.

I was not in a dark place anymore. I was happier than ever. I feel like you can overcome anything when you have faith, determination, love, and strength around you because i am she and she is me if i can do it you most definitely can just stay prayed up and always remember god give his strongest people the toughest battles because he know they can overcome anything that comes their way.