The reason I am going to college is because I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher. I can remember being in elementary school and my best friend and I talking about how we would both become teachers and we would have classrooms next to each other and how much fun it would be. I have thought about being other things, but the teaching is the only one that I really wanted to do. I enjoy class projects that required me to get in front of my class and presenting a PowerPoint and teaching the class. I always made sure I did my research and knew everything I needed to know to be able to teach it and also be able to answer any questions that may have been thrown my way. 

I have always liked helping other classmates when they needed help with understanding something and I am the one my friends always came to if they needed help understanding something or did not understand it in the way the teacher was expressing it. In grade school, I always wanted to help the teacher in anyway. I got to grade papers, make teacher’s errands and I really think that helped me know for sure that being a teacher was what I really wanted to do. I have imagined what my classroom would look like and how I would teach the class and how I could be the teacher that everyone wished they could have. I understand that not every student wants to learn and that a lot of them think of school as just something they have to do until they graduate high school, but I want to be the teacher that makes class fun and makes the students actually want to come to class and learn. I want to be the teacher that shows students and school does not have to be just something that they have to do. Learning can be fun; it does not have to be just straight reading out of the textbook and doing busy work. There are several ways to learn and I want to be able to give every student a chance to see for themselves that learning can be something they want to do. I know every student will not learn the same way, so I always want to try to find a way that incorporates all my students needs so they can learn how they learn best. 

I myself have always loved learning to stuff. I am the person that will ask question to understand things I do not know. I have always been fascinated with history, so I would like to teach history and show why some things are the way they are and how other ways were tried and did not work out. I believe we are always learning from past and present experiences and if we do not learn why somethings failed then we will never be able to grow as humans and make the world a better place. For many students all it takes is one teacher showing they actually care about their students to make a huge impact on the students’ lives and a lot of the time the teachers do not realize just how big of an impact they have on their students. In my senior year of high school, my dad was battling cancer and my English teach saw how I was not acting like myself. I went from the student who took pride in my work to the one who was barley turning assignments in on time. He pulled me off to the side one day and asked me what had changed, and I told him about my dad and we just talked. Because he sat me down and basically told me that my dad would not have wanted me becoming the student I was and that I would probably make my dad feel bad and think it was his fault, I changed my outlook on the whole situation. That talk with my teacher gave me the inspiration to still follow my dreams and finish strong and show my dad that I could do it. In October my dad got really sick so I thought to myself is my dream even worth it anymore if I cannot prove to my dad what I am capable of doing if he’s not around anymore?  I struggled with it because my dad had also wanted to be a history teacher, so I felt guilty. However, I remembered my dad telling me to never give up on my dreams, so here I am going into my junior year of college and being excited that I am that much closer to reaching my goal.