How to Cope With Being A College Student during A Pandemic

            For all my college students attending universities, vocational school, and community college, It may seem like your dreams are on hold due to the pandemic. I am here to tell you that your dreams are still possible. Everyone had to adapt to the new way of life right: having a curfew, having to go through lockdown, the campus was closed, some of us losing our jobs, and not being able to see loved ones.  It took some time to adjust to this new way of living. I have some advice and tips for students that are trying to stay in school, staying social, and balancing either emotional stress or life altogether. 

      When the pandemic first started I had to switch to doing my classes through zoom meetings and online. Which was hard for me, I never had to take online classes before. Me trying to manage school, Work, and also a new social life. I had to adapt rather quickly than most students. Due to me not being able to take classes on campus for the whole summer semester, I took online classes and failed all of them. I had to write a letter of Appeals to financial aid to keep my scholarships or in general to stay in school. This motivated me to find out my major and to stick with it.  After experiencing that I created an academic plan to stay on track with classes I do need and do not need for my major. I also learned the importance of creating a weekly schedule to know when assignments are due. You do need to have great communication with your professor and advisors. Do not be afraid to reach out to the deans of students every college has one. They are here to help us. This is where I learned the benefit of interdependence. 

        While on this education journey I would say take your time this is your degree. Do Not let the fear of others deuterate your potential. It is also okay not to know what you want your major to be. That for you to experiment with. It does not matter how old you are when getting your degree. This story is for anyone out there that is deciding to go back to school, seniors in high school, college students attending universities, vocational school, community college, and working students. If anyone could take away any advice is that you are not alone. If going to school and trying to stay in school, while also trying to juggle a job you are not alone. You do not have to struggle alone. Reach out for help rather than its peers, advisors, professors, and deans of students use your resources. 

         I am not only a college student that had to go through a pandemic. There were small setbacks, but with time it will get better. I am still learning how to balance my life right now. By just going to work, staying home most of my free time and video chatting with friends, and trying new hobbies is a lot to manage. This also took me knowing roles in my life. I am a college student, co-worker, daughter, and friend. It is okay to say no to friends or family. Until things go back to normal we are still learning new and exciting things about our life that we all should take pride in.