The Struggles I Face

Everyone has problems and everyone has their own struggles. In life there are good things and bad things, and while life is never fair, there is always sadness but there is joy, we may not always see it because we are blinded by our troubles, there is happiness. Don't let people tell you that you're not enough. Don't let other people stop you from your dreams because only you can limit yourself. You can follow your dreams even if other people tell you that you can’t. Remember all of the people who say that you can and if you don’t have anyone that believes in you, I do because I know that no matter the struggles that you face, I know that you can do anything!

I'm not sure how everything will work out but I have been through so much and I know that it's not for nothing. You can't have sunshine without rain. Mental health is something that go unnoticed. No one can really understand what you've been through, and God only knows how much you hurt but, don't let pain make you feel as if you won't make it In life, let the pain make you stronger and kinder. You're not alone. We all have our struggles and I am no exception. My dreams are to prove to people who have told me that I would never succeed, in my dreams I make it. I know things will be okay because I know that I can follow my dreams and so can you. Follow your dreams and know that dreams can come true.  

 My name is Shayla and I've been told that I wouldn't be able to make my dreams come true, but here I am. I am almost twenty years old and about to graduate high school. I have my own struggles such as being visually impaired and struggling with mental health. I am excited to go to college and show everyone that it doesn't matter what problems that you face, your problems are just road bumps on this journey. What matters is that you never give up. I want to go to college and be a Social Worker and I want to get my Social Workers Licensed Clinic Degree. I know that people have told me that I would never make it this far, but I am here and have already applied for two colleges. In the end, no matter what stage of your journey that you are on, you can do anything.  

 I don’t have the time for those who say that I can’t do this because I am doing this. God and My family are my strength and on May 28th, when i walk across the graduation stage, my high school journey complete and my College adventure is ready to begin. The struggles I face are many, and I know that your struggles are many as well but we can do this. No one can stop us from dreaming because each dream is ours. The world is full of so many challenges. Maybe you'll find yourself in a place that is like where I am now. At the end of one road and starting another and maybe you're afraid of what happens next. Don’t let the world take your dreams and always keep dreaming. Find your way in this world because life is not easy but when is something worth fighting for easy? Dream and follow your dreams because the struggles that we face is worth following our dreams. Prove the people who told you that you won’t make it in life, prove to them and everyone else that you can follow your dreams, and prove to yourself that you can make it in life. No matter how hard or how impossible your dreams are, they can come true. So, with the struggles you face, keep on dreaming and dream of the impossible.

In conclusion, I write this story at the end of my journey to begin another. I've faced struggles and more are sure to come but I know that I can do anything. Keep dreaming because the dreams that you dream can come true. Shock everyone and do it. This is only an ending of a chapter in my story it's not the end but as I continue on I will dream even though all the struggles I may face, I can do anything and so can you!